“The Hunger Games” Hits the Big Screen!

“The Hunger Games” is the latest big production filmed in North Carolina to hit the big screen, and it’s opened to some wonderful reviews this weekend! I’m sure you’ve seen your Facebook friends chatting about who’s seen it yet (and who hasn’t, like me, but doesn’t want to see any spoilers!) and what their thoughts were regarding the movie. “The Hunger Games” is based on the first book in a trilogy series written by Suzanne Collins. It’s kind of a post-apocalyptic story based in the fictional country of Panem. The citizens of Panem live in Districts and have no contact with people in other districts. Every year, the Capitol (the controlling government of all the districts) holds a competition called “The Hunger Games,” in which it demands two tributes from each district to participate. Participants are brought to an arena where they face off in a “winner takes all” match against tributes from other districts. I say “winner takes all” because the winner is the only one left standing at the end – it’s a bloody battleground that forces all of the tributes to murder one another in a fight for survival. Just to add to the fun, these “Games” are filmed and broadcasted to the entire country. I won’t go too much further into the plot of the first book, but it’s a story based on these guidelines that weaves its characters through political and romantic sub-stories. Though this book series was written for the teenage crowd, it’s been the subject of many adult book clubs and book sales have been phenomenal across all age groups.

The movie is North Carolina’s claim to fame because EVERY FRAME of this film was shot in our state. One great article I read about the tourism impact of The Hunger Games on our state is here on MSNBC. As far as how the film is faring in the box office this weekend, here is a look at preliminary ticket sales numbers. Experts say that the film has broken all records for opening day sales for a non-sequel movie! It will certainly be something to watch as the revenue continues to pile in for The Hunger Games, and it will be absolutely wonderful to see the movie industry’s eyes turned to our great state! We truly hope that the success of The Hunger Games will encourage other producers and filmmakers to consider using North Carolina as their filming location.

***Have you seen the movie yet? Without leaving spoilers, leave your “grade” for the movie in the comments section of this post!***

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