Tips for the Facebook Timeline Conversion

Hey fans and followers!,

This week, we made some big changes on our Facebook Page, and we thought we’d share some tips regarding what we learned along the way. We converted our Page to the new Timeline look (which will be mandatory for all business Pages as of March, 31, 2012).

Now, we have a brand-new, stylish, and fresh-looking Page:

Here are the tips that we think everyone should know as they prepare to transition a business Page over to the Timeline:

  1. Your cover image will end up displaying at 851×315 pixels. The tool will tell you that it will adjust your image for you, but we discovered that it’s really just easier to edit an image to the proper size BEFORE uploading it. (You can only adjust the image’s display area vertically – if it’s not wide enough, it will pixelate. If it’s too wide, part of the image will be cut off.)
  2. After you get your cover image set, you’ll be able to rearrange the icons that display alongside of your avatar. Click this drop-down arrow:
    Then, you can hover your cursor over the top-right portion of any of the icons to bring up an “Edit” icon (it looks like a pencil) and that will allow you to choose which image you want to “Swap Positions” with.
  3. After you get everything where you want it, be sure to go back and add a graphic to take the place of any “Static FBML” or “iFrame” standard icons that are displayed.
  4. Be sure to completely review the rest of the information on your Page. If there’s irrelevant content, go ahead and delete it before publishing your Page as a Timeline. Timelines will make it a lot easier for your fans to go back through the years – you’ll want to make sure that everything you posted “way back when” is still appropriate.
  5. Finally, start thinking of milestones – we’ve all got them and it would make your Page more interesting for fans if they could watch your business grow and change through those milestones you worked so hard to achieve.

I hope that this will help you guys get any Pages that you have ready for the big “Timeline Conversion.” If anyone else would like to add a tip, email me at dowellim (at) gmail (dot) com or leave your tip in the comments section of this post.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for checking in to our blog today!

–The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Wilmington – University Center

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